Well-wishes Pour in as Dr. Godfrey Celebrates Retirement

Thursday, August 19, 2021
Retiring accounting professor receives an outpouring of love from Business Niners.

Alumni, students, faculty and staff are offering their well wishes to award-winning Professor of Accounting Howard Godfrey, who retired earlier this summer

Over his 47-year career, Godfrey taught over 10,000 students. 

Here are just a few of the well wishes that were submitted via an online form earlier this summer. 

“Dr. Godfrey, you inspired me to go into tax when you recruited me to be on the Deloitte Fantaxtic team during my sophomore year. Your mentorship and knowledge of tax impressed me, and I fell in love with tax during that experience. Because of that experience, I have found a career that I love and have been able to excel in.”   
– Allie Tincher Mull ‘13 Accounting

“I will never forget your open book tax exams, super hard! Your encouraging and upbeat personality. And then partnering with you for recruiting!  You helped set me up for success, and I will never forget you! “
– Crystal Skillman Brauer  ‘04 

“Howard, it has been my distinct pleasure to call you a colleague these last six years. You made me feel at home from day one, and your love of teaching is infectious. I will do my best to follow your example in my classroom and as the advisor for the college's BAP chapter. Big shoes to fill, but I will do my best.”
– William Sofsky, lecturer, Turner School of Accountancy  

“Truly one of the great professors impacting students in and out of the classroom. I was privileged to be among the many who called you teacher and friend.”
– Curtis Kriner ‘82 Accounting

“Howard, congratulations on a wonderful career in which you impacted so many lives. It has been a joy to know you and work with you from time to time over the years.” 
– Gene Johnson ‘73 Accounting

“Thank you for everything you did for international students! I was so nervous about the class and network when I came here due to the language barrier. However, you encouraged me to speak with your big smile in the social network events and even helped me land my first job. It was life changing because I regained confidence, and knew I could achieve my goals! Your tax classes are the best classes I ever had! I gained a solid foundation of tax knowledge and built a passion for tax research since then. Most of my classmates went back to their home country after graduation and we might not connect with school very often. However,  We have our appreciation deeply in heart for you and the school.”
Zoey Zhao ‘03 MACC

“Thank you for teaching me how to research the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). Those skills have allowed me to excel in my professional career and in volunteer roles for exempt organizations. I enjoyed your classes and case studies of real life current events. Your devotion to the accounting profession and income tax niche have made a significant impact in my life.”
– Roslyn Haynie Banks ‘12 MACC

“I will never forget the loyalty and dedication that Dr. Godfrey has for Belk College of Business and all of his students. I feel it was my honor to be able to witness a true professional. The pride that he held for all of his Beta Alpha Psi members was so evident and admirable. Dr. Godfrey exudes true joy when he enters a room and made all students feel confident in their abilities. The Turner School of Accountancy is losing an integral piece of their past as he moves into retirement.” 
– Amanda McCrea Simpson, former department coordinator for the Turner School of Accountancy

“Doing tax team with you was absolutely a highlight of all my educational experiences. You were supportive and kind, the best combination for inspiring and leading.”
– Irka Templeton ‘10 MACC

“It has been nice to touch base over the years. You have been such an integral part of the Accounting Department, and you will be missed.” 
– Linda Morse Hinson ‘75 Accounting

“Thank you for providing a great foundation for my career in public accounting tax services!”
– Cyndy Taylor ‘85 Accounting 

“Dr. Godfrey, I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I was an underachieving transfer from Wake Forest. You spent an inordinate amount of time helping me understand tax accounting, and I will always be grateful for your help and patience.” 
– Paul R. M. Demmink ‘78 

“I can’t thank you enough for the positive impact you have made on my life. You inspire me to get my Ph.D. and teach accounting someday, and I only hope I can be half as amazing of a professor as you were! Thank you for not only teaching us but also for taking the time to truly ensure we succeed both academically and professionally! Enjoy your retirement!
– Ashley Samaroo ‘17, ‘19 MACC

“My favorite memory was how you remembered each of us in BAP and reached out to us even after we left college.”
 Julie (Loesch) Windeknecht ‘88 Accounting 

“Dr Godfrey’s tax class made me fall in love with preparing tax returns again. He was an awesome instructor and mentor, great sense of humor, encouraging of the students, and knew the tax code by heart, all 683 pages! He was all about successful careers for his students, no matter how long ago they graduated.” 
– Michelle Isola ‘17 Accounting 

“You, my father, and the countless other professors I grew up meeting in the Belk College of Business inspired my love of education and learning at such a young age. UNC Charlotte will be forever indebted to your leadership and the countless students you taught and inspired along the way.”
– Amy Jolly Kennedy ‘10 Finance

“Whether it was in the classroom, providing career advice, making sure accounting students were well known to employers, or assisting Beta Alpha Psi, your energy and wisdom was always felt and was sincere.  Congratulations on a very successful career and best wishes for a well deserved retirement!"
– Frank Coleman ‘77 Accounting 

All of the well wishes are being compiled and presented to Dr. Godfrey.